Penang state budget forum and booklet

Penang state budget forum and booklet

30 Nov 2014, 2pm-4pm, Room Tanjong 1, Dewan Sri Pinang

Speakers: YB Chow Kon Yeow (Penang state exco), Aloyah Bakar (CEO of PWDC), YB Steven Sim (MP of Bukit Mertajam), Choo Chon Kai (PSM central committee member)

This forum will brief and analyse 2015 Penang state government budget and participatory budgeting. A booklet will be given to introduce and analyse some basic information about Penang state government budget.

budget forum

Budgets are crucial in giving substance to policy goals. The understanding and the process of budgeting are crucial if we believe in the principles of local democracy: allowing both local elected representatives and Penang’s residents to participate both in decisions and monitoring of budget allocations. It is very encouraging to see how the Penang State government, together with MPPP and MPSP, has supported a Gender Responsive Budget process, which includes participation from within more marginalised communities. To help move all this forward, we will produce a booklet on how to read the state budget. The content included the introduction of budget (where did the income come from and where the money go), the budget cycle and suggestion for budget. We will also organise a forum(s) on discuss the Penang Government budget 2015. More forums could be through consultations at community level through the ADUNs in each constituency.


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