We need YOU!

Calling out for volunteers!

This year’s Local Democracy Festival in Penang is coming very soon! Through out the month of October to December, there will be a few events going on, namely: Launch cum Busking, Democratic Heritage Tour, Committee Training Workshops, Youth Parliament, Creative Activism Camp, Video Workshops.

This is the third time we’re having the festival and we want you to be part of this festival with us!  We’re looking for people with skills in:
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Graphic designing
  • Sound technician
  • Writing (Malay, English, Chinese or Tamil)
  • Pre-event organising
Even if you’re only interested in this festival and you’re willing to giving a little of your time and effort, come and join us as our volunteer!
For being one of our volunteers, you’ll get a free Suaram T-shirt or book. Not bad, right?

So, what are you waiting for?

Sign up as a volunteer HERE!

We’re BACK with Local Democracy Festival 2013!

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Yes, we are back in action! This year’s Local Democracy Festival awaits you this coming October, right up to December!

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What’s in Store this Year

Activity/Event Date & Time Summary Entry
Local Democracy Resource Page 5th Oct-15th Dec A Facebook  page to bring together relevant and rarely known/spoken facts about Local Democracy to greater public awareness through social media. The public can send in information and photos via message. Public

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Launch and Busking 5th Oct


An evening of speeches,side walk performances and booths selling DIY crafts,books and merchandise. Outdoor Public event
Democratic Heritage Tour 13th Oct


A tour around Georgetown to revisit sites where local councillors and communities played a role in shaping the landscape and heart of the democratic spaces in Penang. Dato Anwar Fazal,local historian, will be leading this tour. Outdoor tour

*Limited to 30pax on first come first serve basis

Democratic Heritage Tour: Training of Guides 20th Oct


Full day training open to any individuals/organizations interested in leading guided Democratic Heritage tours around Penang. By registration
Video Workshop 26th&27th Oct


First time and amateur film makers  are invited to attend this 2 day workshop to learn the skills of video making with a focus on Local Democracy. Thereafter they will work on producing a video with the help of experienced video makers with support from the organizers. By application
Community Trainings 9th Nov &

23rd Nov


A half day training for anyone interested to learn more with the help of experienced facilitators.


1) Know Your Rights

2)Good Governance and Us

By registration and walk in
Forum on JKKK Elections 16th Nov


 A forum with representatives involved in the process from Penang, Perak and Selangor to discuss on past experiences, challenges and future possibilities. Open to Public Walk-in
Creative Activism Camp 29th Nov-1st Dec


The first ever camp to encourage youth involvement in defining, presenting and becoming involved in local democracy through innovative approaches. Besides hands on crash courses on these creative skills, we will also have sharing sessions  with those involved in this area. By application

*Open to participants between the ages of 18-25 year old. Limited to 30 pax.

Youth Parliament 13th-15th Dec


A  platform for  young people to speak out and contribute their ideas for a better Penang through trainings, visits and presentation on the role of local councillors then a sitting in the State Assembly where they will once again debate on passing several resolutions that will affect the community. By application

*Open to participants between the ages of 18-25 year old. Limited to 30 pax.