Ksatriya, ATP, Amirah Ali, DECK and Shazet @ Party in the Park, 10th December!

Celebration is a big part of democracy! And that’s why Ksatriya, Amirah Ali, Shazet, DECK, Vietnamese Dancers, Alexander the Phatos, Nawie and WCC dancerss will be at New World Park (Penang) on the 10th December! Check out some of their profiles below.

There will be some 20 stalls, live entertainment, exhibitions and fun and games. So hop by to check out their electrifying performances, as well as a whole evening of fun stalls, speeches and more!

Venue: New World Park (Burmah Road)
Time: 5:30pm till 9pm.

See you there!


Ksatriya specializes in conscious rap/spoken word, mixing influence from hip-hop and rock to jazz and world music to create a unique style. His subject matter ranges from politics and social justice to eye candy and nasi campur. Check his music out @:



Born 1991, A Melbourne artist who known as a beatboxer and an emcee. He originated from PNG, Malaysia. When he was a kid, he loved to do comic books sound effects and replicate the surrounding sound effects. He started to beatbox since February 2007 after he watched one of the episodes from an anime called Samurai Champloo. Since then he is developing his energy power, crisp and heavy sound effects into skills and his own style. Malaysia’s biggest indie hip hop collective, Rogue Squadron and joined the crew in April 2009.

He started performing since 2007 that was fifteen years old, doing it for love of having fun and rebel. He performed at places around small clubs, venues, skatepark, indie rock concerts, central market, hip hop gigs, radio stations and TV shows in Malaysia, Australia, France & Germany. Want to catch up with Shazet there are always upcoming shows for the fans to check it out.

Check  Shazat out @:

Alexander the Phatos

With a fusion of Hiphop, Jazz and Classical, ATP’s music is diverse. Consisting of a team of passionate emerging musicians – graduate students from the music department of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).

With a non-biased/non-prejudiced eardrums/implying no pre-judgments stance, ATP captures and melds everything audible. Merging sounds that are possibly considered a discord or an uncommon cross over – a fusion of sound and rhythm into a piece of art beyond music : a term we call beauty within randomness.

ATP’s music is a momentarily captured event of the composer’s melodic emotions : a reality on pause, a photograph delivered through music .

ATP has been collaborating with producers and they have come together to share a single stage with infinite ideas/influences/thoughts/dreams and direct their talents towards delivering indefinite textures into tracks. ATP is currently working on their debut Album estimated to be released early 2011.

Amirah Ali:

Amirah Ali is a world pop singer songwriter whose fusion of traditional Malaysian and modern pop music was introduced to music lovers across the world through the release of her first single “Katakanlah”, featured in Bernama TV News Malaysia, a track that gained great attention from fans, press and radio from the US to Malaysia. Her forthcoming Aidilfitri EP “Syawal: Koleksi Lagu Aidilfitri” and her upcoming English World Pop Album, also wonderfully showcases this talented young artist’s unique new sound.

Growing up in Kuala Lumpur, the densely populated capital city of Malaysia, Amirah Ali was constantly exposed to the juxtapositions of different cultures and different viewpoints. In this fascinating city several languages are commonly spoken; and timeless traditions stand side by side with modern personal styles and values. Its populace subscribes to several different religious backgrounds, and traditional music, played on instruments unheard of in Western countries like the tanbura, the erhu, the gamelan and the kompang. It is this exposure to diversity that has framed who Amirah Ali is today: both as an artist and as a human being.

Musically, Amirah enjoys exploring ways to fuse aspects of music traditional to her part of the world with elements of modern Western pop. She uses traditional Malay instruments and scales to lend her songs a unique feel, blending them together with Western pop instruments and rhythms to create a style of music she refers to as “World Pop.” She hopes this style will make traditional music more appealing and relevant to the youth while at the same time showing older, more traditional communities that pop music is not “just noise.”

Amirah’s music is available at Mydin outlets nationwide (Malaysia), The Guitar Store (Malaysia), Cdbaby, iTunes, Amazon, and at her website.


DECK comprises Eric (Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards), Damon (Lead Guitar), KK (Bass), Julian (Drums/Percussion). Coming from different music background, these boys try their best to blend in their influences and bringing to you and their unique style of music.


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