Reason for Local Democracy Week


The reason for  Local Democracy Week is a simple one: we need to get more excited and more involved in the decisions that affect us! By organising Local Democracy Week, we hope that it will help

  • encourage people to be constructively active in the discussion, planning and implementation of policies and services in Penang and in our local communities
  • make us more aware of how local government works, increasing awareness of the roles and functions of the various arms and agencies of state and municipal government – who is responsible for what?
  • encourage and support all groups to be involved, especially those who remain marginalised, to get everyone’s ideas and experiences about how we can/should effect positive change for our shared future.
  • encourage us to be excited, be involved and play our part in shaping the future of Penang.

And of course we can have fun!

All this will have huge benefits in terms of making Penang a better place, which is what we all want!



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