Launch of Penang Local Democracy Report 2014

The first Penang Local Democracy Report is launched today! Check out the review of where Penang is up to in terms of local democracy and the challenges that lie ahead of us.

Preview of the report:
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Lauching of the First Penang Local Democracy Report 2014 in conjunction of International Human Rights Day 2014

Lauching of the First Penang Local Democracy Report 2014

in conjunction of International Human Rights Day 2014

December 10 | 8pm 

Hin Bus Depot Art Center

 launch of local democracy report

December 10th is Human Rights Day. Today we will celebrate the progress we are making in terms of local democracy. Come to an evening of celebration and activities, and witness the Launch of the first Penang Local Democracy Report, a review of where Penang is up to in terms of local democracy and the challenges that lie ahead of us.

Democratic Heritage Tour 2014

lawatan warisan demokrasi

7 December 2014, Town Hall, Esplanade

9am – 2pm

Many of us are unaware of our democratic heritage. There are many examples in the buildings and environment of Penang that bear testament to this heritage: the struggle of people for democratic development. Each year, Anwar Fazal is our tour guide on a Democratic Heritage Tour bus, a fabulous journey to key places which tell the story of Penang’s history of struggle for democracy. Not to be missed.

Penang state budget forum and booklet

Penang state budget forum and booklet

30 Nov 2014, 2pm-4pm, Room Tanjong 1, Dewan Sri Pinang

Speakers: YB Chow Kon Yeow (Penang state exco), Aloyah Bakar (CEO of PWDC), YB Steven Sim (MP of Bukit Mertajam), Choo Chon Kai (PSM central committee member)

This forum will brief and analyse 2015 Penang state government budget and participatory budgeting. A booklet will be given to introduce and analyse some basic information about Penang state government budget.

budget forum

Budgets are crucial in giving substance to policy goals. The understanding and the process of budgeting are crucial if we believe in the principles of local democracy: allowing both local elected representatives and Penang’s residents to participate both in decisions and monitoring of budget allocations. It is very encouraging to see how the Penang State government, together with MPPP and MPSP, has supported a Gender Responsive Budget process, which includes participation from within more marginalised communities. To help move all this forward, we will produce a booklet on how to read the state budget. The content included the introduction of budget (where did the income come from and where the money go), the budget cycle and suggestion for budget. We will also organise a forum(s) on discuss the Penang Government budget 2015. More forums could be through consultations at community level through the ADUNs in each constituency.



Poster A4 edited-01

Local democracy is all about ensuring the vibrancy and strength of democracy at the local, community level. It is about inclusion: making sure all voices within our communities are heard and have the opportunity and capacity to be part of discussions and decisions, especially those which affect them.

Where there are strong and active communities, we will have a stronger and more resilient society, and a stronger, more inclusive, participatory, ‘people-friendly’, responsive, transparent and accountable government.

Penang has taken a strong lead in promoting local democracy. In addition to the gazetting of state enactments with regard to local elections and freedom of information, and a number of other ‘inclusive’ initiatives at state and municipal level, local democracy has been the specific focus of a week (in 2010), a month (in 2011) and more recently a festival (2012 & 2013). The programme of these initiatives has included a Youth Parliament, community-based trainings on a variety of topics, creative activism workshops, activities to reclaim our local oral history of democratic struggle, activities targeted to include the more marginalized groups in our communities, as well as music, performances and other activities to encourage greater awareness of what local democracy means and to encourage participation in local issues amongst Penangites.

This year once again Suaram Penang office has again taken the lead in coordinating the Local Democracy Festival, with the support of the Penang State government through the office of YB Chow Kon Yeow, whose portfolio includes Local Government. The programme this year includes:

  1. Penang Youth Parliament 2014
  2. Community Empowerment: Badan Bertindak Penebatan Banjir
  3. Expressing the Migrant and Refugee Journey: An Arts and Music Extravaganza
  4. Two Forums  on Understanding Budgeting at State Level
  5. Democratic Heritage Tour: Reclaiming our democratic history 
  6. Publication of a booklet on the Hartal: Reclaiming our democratic history
  7. Human Rights Day Celebration with launch of Penang Local Democracy Report 2014

Local Democracy Festival Partners:

Penang Youth Development Cooperative (PYDC);

Badan Bertindak Penebatan Banjir KADUN Machang Bubok;

Penang Stop Human Trafficking Campaign

YB Lee Khai Loon service center


For more information:  Ong Jing Cheng 012-7583779


Youth Parliament 2014

Penang Youth Parliament have organise four years (since 2010), last 2-3 years have stable in term on getting participants although the program was conduct in 3 days 2 night. This year we will increase the quality of the debate in the youth parliament, at the same time will conduct in 5 days 4 nights. The program this year included three parts: i) concept of good governance, Freedom of Information, Malaysia political system & Participatory democracy; ii) community visits, iii) preparation motion and debate in DUN on policies

.parlimen muda 2014

that is also two forums within the Youth Parliament 2014 is open for public to come.

forum demokrasi dan anak muda

forum reformasi perundangan

Busking with us this Saturday!

Volatile is  a four piece rock band inspired by Shinedown, Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin and Rush. Fronted by vocal Powerhouse- Sean Choon, Guitarist- Jaime Gunter, Bassist- Wei Wen and Drummer- Antoine Loncle. They are currently working on an album and hoping to release it soon.

MõBeat is translated directly from Cantonese “无Beat” which means no beat. It stands for musicians who can express the meaning of lyrics with any beat and anyone can just feel their music freely. MõBeat is not a group but a common society for those who love rap music. MõBeat will cooperate with different musicians to produce music occasional. MõBeat consists of 3 members: Hour, Kydd and Bot and they are expecting for more partners to join them to bring up local rap music.

Ksatriya 2

Penang-born Ksatriya is a VIMA-nominated poet and songwriter. Word on the street is he speaks the truth to a beat. His originality and powerful storytelling have earned him a solid fan base among Malaysians. His debut EP titled RED was just released on Oct 1st. Check it out here:

And lastly..

Shannon Frances

Living in the jungles of mainland for seven years, American poet Shannon Frances has found that Malaysia provides plenty of poetic inspiration. Her search for like-minded people, books and good vegetarian food brings her to Penang Island often, where she is gratified to find art and literature alive, well and deserving of support. Having found a receptive audience for her provokative “Bad Poetry” series, she is currently working on a new series of poems, entitled “Malaysian Statistics”. Shannon is deeply convinced of the value of democracy and is excited and proud to support local democracy in Malaysia.

This whole event will be hosted by..


Sugeindhiran or better known as Sugein “The Macho Macha” is a Vocalist/Rapper/MC currently based in Penang. Known for his love for the local entertainment industry, he has not only competed in competitions at the national level where he won second runners up, but has performed in musical events, charity based concerts and plays. Sugein has also hosted almost any type of event turning it from rigid and monotonous to witty, fun and lively with heavy audience participation.


Yeu Shu is a Penangite who majors in Chinese Studies in UTAR, Kampar. She is active in school activities and has experiences for emceeing few events in school.

For more information on this Saturday’s event: